It’s brisk? If you say so

I have the temperature of my apartment set to 55 degrees these days.

My friends and family dislike that I have my apartment that cool each time they visit.

They guess that I am deranged for liking my apartment to be 55 degrees. Well, I may be crazy, although I entirely do care about my little apartment to be that cold. My family growing up regularly kept the apartment somewhere around seventy-six degrees, and I can remember dripping with sweat all of the time. I know I was regularly the 1 who was entirely hot. Even when the outdoor temperatures were a bit chillier during the fall and Winter season months, I remember that I was still regularly warm. There were undoubtedly few times when I legitimately ever felt cold. It is sort of weird. I am not sure if there is something truly wrong with myself and others or what, however 55 degrees sometimes feels too hot for me, still. I am not a large person. I am legitimately quite a bit smaller than average human dimensions, yet I am regularly so warm. I have a few air conditioners in my apartment every day even though I have central air at the same time. If I think too hot when the control equipment is set to 55 degrees, I often use my smaller window air conditioner units to cool my apartment down even more. Everytime my best friends or family come over, they end up turning my control equipment up at least 10 degrees. I turn it back down as soon as they leave so they can be comfortable. So I sweat. I just wish pretty much everyone liked their houses to be as super cool as I enjoy.


a/c rep