It’s camping season!

Now that all of the youngins are back to school, it is finally time for me and my gaming buddies to go camping. My closest friend and I have convinced the lot of them to come out with us for the week. In exchange, we’re going to fill the trunk at least half full with board games. Getting my group of guys out camping was not easy–they demanded air beds and very nice accomodations. I had to find them a camp ground with a shower–something which is sacrilege to me. I grew up camping in the middle of nowhere in Maine, where if you got lost you could be in big trouble. But I was happy just to get them into the outdoors for an extended period of time that I accepted it. We always wait till this time of year for two reasons. First, all of the kids are back to college, so we don’t have to deal with quite so many rambunctious party sites. Second, its cool enough that my bestie and I can convince everyone to leave the sanctity of their precious air conditioning. I’ve never had central air conditioning in my life, and that is not something I’m sad about; I’m very grateful for it. I have excellent tolerance to the heat and to this day have never even owned a portable or window AC unit. The guys I hang out with though, our delicate flowers who only thrive in exacting temperatures. I’m so excited for this camping trip, to play some awesome horror tabletop games by a fire. My bestie already has plans to scare the heck out of someone. We’re going to show them that you don’t need the modern luxuries like an HVAC system to have a great time.

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