It’s freezing in here

Once upon a time I was a renter, like many of you are. Now that I have tasted the joys and freedoms of owning my home, I doubt I could ever go back to renting. Sure, when you rent you get some advantages, like being able to call the super or a landlord when something breaks. But you also have to pay more and more rent each passing year as the rates keep rising, and no matter how much you like the place it is never really yours. I thought I could never afford a house, but a double wide trailer ended up being just as good. I had enough money left over for the best HVAC system on the market. To be honest, this air conditioner was a lot more powerful than I would ever need it to be considering the square footage of my trailer. I could have gotten by just fine with a small box style AC unit, the kind you put in your window sill. That would have been adequate for cooling down the whole place, even in the middle of a brutal summer heatwave. As it stands, I have an AC so strong it will keep the place-icebox cold even with all the windows and doors standing wide open. I actually tried that out once, for a whole hour, just to see, and the HVAC system made it seem like the trailer was still sealed up tight. The intensity and cooling power of these modern air conditioners is nothing short of insane to me!

HVAC tune-up