It’s going to be a doozy, I know it

My partner Joe has decided that he’s going to start up a commercial bee removal repair business around here sometime in the Spring.

  • He’s been thinking about the business for a while now, & I know he’s genuinely going to take the plunge & do it once and for all, however for months now, he’s been doing all kinds of dedicated research on bee eradication & rescue, bee extermination, & wasp extermination.

It’s probably the only thing that he talks about these afternoons. I told him back in the day that once in a while I would like to have a conversation about something on this earth other than bee extermination & the ins & outs of bee removal businesses these days. It’s like he’s obsessed with bees & getting rid of them at this point. I guess I really don’t know how it can possibly get any worse once he does open up the brand new commercial bee removal repair next Spring, but I sincerely bet that it will! If he’s out all afternoon genuinely working on local extermination tasks around town, then the only thing that he’s going to have to talk about once he gets to the beach house at night are all of those bee extermination tasks! Maybe I’ve already made a sizable mistake by encouraging him to follow his dream of starting up this brand new commercial bee removal service. I may only be shooting myself in the foot, so to speak, anyways. I would like for him to enjoy his work, however not if it’s ultimately at the expense of our relationship.

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