It’s highly possible

Eddie and I spent 12 years with one another, before Eddie decided that he wanted to leave me. I was at a loss, because his choice seemed to come out of nowhere in our marriage. In a matter of a few seconds, our entire changed totally. I was on my own for the 1st time, and in need of a job for money. All the children were out of the house, and I needed something to keep my own days filled. I looked through a book for want ads, and found a few offers that appeared to be good. I went through numerous applications online, and finally heard something a few days after. The owner for an intense Heating and Air Conditioning company was looking for a receptionist for the team. I would be in charge of answering iphone calls and setting Heating and Air Conditioning service repair dates. I hadn’t worked in over 10 years, however the owner hired me right then and there. I started the phone task at the Heating and Air Conditioning company, about several months back. Right now, everything has been like a dream. All of the employees are super nice and sweet. I’ve already been invited on a couple of outings after work, although I haven’t gone to one of them yet. Next week is a retirement celebration for  Paul, my favorite employee, so I might decide to attend that party for Paul and help him leave. Each person has been asking me to go out to lunch or a movie too.

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