It’s horrifying when Wintertide storms knock out electricity in the middle of the evening

When I lived down south, I was used to losing electricity in the late summer time months whenever the two of us had intense thunderstorms.

Periodically you get rain in the late afternoon minutes for nights on end with no break in the precipitation.

I would sit in the house staring out the window, unable to do any work in the yard or on our outdated car that sits in the driveway. My cats hated it too because they liked to sit in our backyard all afternoon, which the two of us had enclosed with a fence numerous years prior. But the worst part was the constant loss of power in the house. I’d be busy laboring on our kindle when suddenly the lights in addition to everything in the house would suddenly turn off. Periodically it was at the most random times as well. When the two of us all moved up north, I was hoping that we’d get better repair from the power dealer. Unfortunately, the two of us ended up getting power outages within the first year of living in our up-to-date temperature. But instead of getting them in the later summer time while in thunderstorms, the two of us started losing power in the dead middle of the Wintertide season while in overnight ice storms. Thankfully our house has a wood stove inside, otherwise we’d be completely separate from heat when the electricity shuts off in the Wintertide season. We have a gas powered steam boiler that is fairly efficient compared to our outdated electric oil furnace. If it loses power for the ignition switch, the two of us instantly start using our wood stove. I truthfully would rather lose electricity in the summer time season from a thunderstorm rather than in rapidly increasing temperatures below zero in the middle of the evening. Even with a wood stove for backup heat, it’s alarming whenever the power goes out.

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