It’s important to check the seals on your ductwork and repair when necessary

I finally followed through recently with my long held desire to downsize.  I have a fairly decent job but I’m just one guy living alone in a two bedroom apartment and it’s not like I even need office space to justify having the additional bedroom.  I figured that if I stripped down to the bare essentials as far as furniture and belongings are concerned, I could even manage a studio apartment. I scoured the area but only found openings at this somewhat dilapidated condominium complex on the edge of town.  The building was around 50 years old but the prices were good and they had one bedroom suites at a price less than what I was paying right now so I went ahead and signed the lease. Aside from a little extra dustiness from the old carpets, I didn’t notice any major issues with the apartment at first.  That was until summer rolled around and I needed to run the air conditioner regularly. By July I couldn’t get the temperature to drop below 78 degrees no matter what I set the thermostat to. The HVAC supplier I called to inspect my system said the air conditioner seemed to be running fine with the right air pressure throughout the system.  As they were about to leave they decided to look at my ductwork from the attic and immediately discovered the problem. The seals on my ducts had worn away after years of continual use and you could in some spots see light shining in from below if you poked your head into the attic to take a look. Thankfully the repair was covered in the lease and after everything was said and done I was finally able to love my new apartment.

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