It’s probably not a good idea to move in with your friends

My good friend Joe and I have been best pals since the fourth grade.

As the two of us started to get older and had to decide what we wanted to do after high school the two of us both decided that it would be a wonderful plan to be roommates during college.

We were going to the same local college, so it seemed like a good fit. When I told my mother about this she didn’t seem as enthusiastic as I had hoped. She didn’t tell me I wasn’t allowed to be roommates with Joe, although she did tell me that it was a pretty horrible idea. Now that I am enrolled at my college and I have been living with Joe for a few weeks I am starting to see that my mother may have been right all along! I care about my best friend, however the two of us are two particularly different people. Joe has always been the type to splurge while I have always been more frugal. For example, no matter how cool it is outside while in the Summer he enjoyed to have the air conditioning device running on full power. Even when I would tell him to take it easy on running the air conditioning and mention that I leave the windows down to let a breeze in I would come back to the household from class to find that the cooling device was running. Joe has also turned out to be quite a party person. I can’t count the number of times I come back to the household to find a dozen people in my household acting loud and crazy. Take it from me, if you want to remain friends with someone, it is a wonderful plan to just avoid living with them.

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