It’s so cold in here

It’s not as easy as I once thought to live with someone and share everything with them. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being married. My husband is a wonderful man, and he is the most loving husband in the entire world. Marriage takes work, and it takes self-sacrifice which is something that most people don’t understand nowadays. One area that my husband and I have had to compromise in is the temperature we like the bedroom to be. I grew up in a home where the house was always kept cold. My husband, on the other hand, didn’t have air conditioning growing up, so he was used to a very warm house and especially a very warm bedroom since it was on the second floor. He loves it when the bedroom is really warm. He sleeps the best that way, but I can’t sleep at all when it’s as warm as he likes it to be. When we were first married I bought an air conditioner and put it in the bedroom. He had to turn it off within just an hour or so because it was too cold in the room for him to sleep. We have had to do a lot of compromising to find the perfect temperature for our bedroom. We have found that if I turn on the air conditioner a couple hours before I go to bed and turn it off when I actually get into bed, the room is cool enough for me to fall asleep. By the time my husband gets home from work, the room is warmer, so he is able to fall asleep. Marriage is often times about loving each other and compromising for each others benefits concerning the little things of life.

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