It’s so hard to calm down

Milo and I like to visit our friends.  Our friends live down south, but Milo and I are up in the north.  We don’t have a chance to go as often as we’d want to, so when we get time off, both of us make a trip out of it. All the teenagers go outside to hang out, & the adults stay inside, drinking beer & watching movies.  We catch up on what is going on, telling stories about our college days, just having a great time. Eventually the teens come back in, ready for some food, so Milo and I get a few subs & set up some extra spare tables so almost everyone has room. When it gets at night though, Milo and I send the teens to bed & follow soon after.  Everything’s always pleasant within those trips, except for one thing. It’s just too warm in the place! Milo and I are used to milder hot & cold temperatures, so heading down south is always a real big pain for us. This wouldn’t be too much of a concern except that our buddies are used to the heat, so they don’t tend to turn on their air cooling system nearly as often as Milo and I would like.  They leave windows tightly sealed & ceiling fans off, when we’d like a more big cooling system running with these things. Sometimes I’ll sneak to the thermostat unit & set it at a cooler temperature, but it’s still too hot in there, & Milo and I end up covered in sweat. There are days that I wonder whether our friends Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit may not even properly work.

new heater