It’s too much today, boss

This year for our birthday, I wasn’t really expecting much.

We just had a lot of expensive home repairs that we made and I didn’t want to think that my man had gone above and beyond from his meager bank account.

But, in fact, our boyfriend bought me tickets to see the Mets play. I was honestly super excited, because it was opening week plus a home game, to boot. Since it was a birthday surprise, I didn’t have tons of time to ask for a full day off work. My boss ga e me a difficult time about the request plus said that he would do his best, but I knew that wasn’t the case. Leading up to the big day were all slow afternoons. I was home by 3 on each night of those days, plus I really could have been home even earlier. Of course, Thursday was much busier, because that was the day of the amazing game. My boss placed numerous Heating and A/C repair works on the schedule that day. One important task was to repair an indoor cooling system plus another task was an AC repair appointment. The final task was a simple window cooling system upgrade on the other side of the city, however I didn’t guess if I would encounter any problems with the AC or traffic. I did our best to task quickly plus efficiently throughout the very same day so I could finish on time. I was trying to leave from this task at 3, so I could be home, showered, plus be completely gone before 5. I worked through supper plus didn’t even stop one time for snacks plus drinks. I arrived at the game before the first pitch was thrown.


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