I’ve recently noticed a weird smell coming through our heating vents at home

There’s been a really weird smell coming through our heating vents at home lately.

I just noticed it this past month.

Every time I turned up the thermostat unit so that the heating system would turn on, this smell started wafting through the house. It was this acrid, weird, smoky smell that I had never smelled before. I used my nose to try and track down where the smell was coming from. I finally made my way down to the basement, where I found the source of the smell in the furnace room. There was a weird smell coming from the electric furnace, along with some sort of smoke. I don’t mess around when it comes to electricity and smoke coming from my furnace unit! It scared me so much that I unplugged the whole furnace and went straight back upstairs to call my local HVAC company. I told them what was going on and how the furnace smelled like it was burning. The HVAC technician who I spoke with on the phone told me that I should leave the entire HVAC unit unplugged until someone got there in an HVAC truck with some tools they could fix the furnace with. He said that they could get someone there within the next eight hours or so. When he finally got there, he went down to the furnace room and he had the electric furnace fixed within about half an hour. Ever since he fixed the furnace, I haven’t smelled the weird smell at all anymore. Thank goodness they fixed it.

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