Job for boyfriend

My daughter started dating a new boy, about six months ago. She talked about him for two months, before she finally brought him over for dinner. His name is John, and he seems like a fine young man. He has been working at the Toyota factory for the past two years. His parents live near, and he goes to church every Sunday. Last month, the Toyota Factory laid him off. My daughter was worried and asked if I could get John a job with me. I work for a busy A/C installation company. We only perform A/C installations, and most of our projects are for other HVAC companies. Since John didn’t have any A/C installation experience, I didn’t know if I could find him a job. My company doesn’t usually hire employees without some type of HVAC experience under the belt. Luckily, my boss was looking for someone to help out in our warehouse. John was already qualified for the job, and the interview went very well. My boss hired John to work in the warehouse immediately. In a few months, I can start teaching him about A/C installations. My daughter was really happy that I found a job for John. I think this guy might be the one, so I’m trying to be supportive and nice. He seems to make my daughter happy, and he wants to support her and provide a nice life for the both of us. I couldn’t want much more for my baby girl, so I’m going to help in any way possible.

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