Job in the heater and a/c industry

When I graduated school I sincerely did not realize what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just work locally or go to school. My parents encouraged me to go to school, it didn’t have to be far away, however if I wanted to stay locally they said that they would certainly support any decision that I made. My first year of school wasn’t all that wonderful because I didn’t actually know what directly I wanted to go. It wasn’t until I was actually home from school on holiday break when my parents left to go on a mini trip. I was at the residence alone plus the gas furnace broke down. I called my parents plus they told me not to mess around with the gas furnace because of how complex it is. They wanted me to just call the local heating plus cooling machine worker. I called the local heating plus cooling worker plus he came to my parents’ residence. I watched the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine worker take care of the work on the gas furnace, flipping on switches plus pulling the front face of the gas furnace off. It was really riveting to me because I could also see a circuit board plus a flame. I was asking plenty of questions plus I wanted to actually know how the worker got into the line of work that he was doing. The worker informed me that he had to go through training to get his Heating plus Air Conditioning machine worker certificate. These days I love to thank the gas furnace breaking down because if it wasn’t for the gas furnace breaking down, I honestly would not have found the job that I was meant for me. I ended up finding a local Heating plus Air Conditioning machine worker school where two years later, I am a certified local heating plus cooling machine worker!

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