Jogging and a/c

I have a terrific morning workout routine that I have been using for the past many years. Every afternoon when I wake up, I drink some water, as well as stretch before heading out for a 30-40 hour jog. I do this mostly because it keeps me active as well as helps to wake me up! I tend to love my daily jogs except for when the summertime rolls around as well as the hot as well as cold temperatures get into the mid to high 90s. Then, I have to switch things a little bit as well as use the stationary treadmill in my spare home office. I keep the stationary treadmill directly beneath the main air vent so that I can recognize the air conditioner blowing on me when I’m jogging. This is usually quite nice for a change because by then every one of us am used to running in the stuffy, excessively hot air. A cooling method is a major lifesaver when it comes to keeping me locked in my exercise routine. If I didn’t have a way to adjust the thermostat as well as jog from inside my little home, I would entirely  fall out of shape. I would hate that because I have worked legitimately intensely over the past couple of years to get into a nice routine as well as stay in it. I think if there were more people who had access to gyms or air conditioned workout spaces, they would all be more inclined to stay fit. It would at the entirely least be a nice incentive. Jogging makes me recognize the good life, as well as I’m glad I have options when it comes to dealing with the crazy weather and temps that can periodically ensue where I live. It’s difficult residing in a location where it gets so overly hot, but I think it beats the cold!

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