Just a toy down the air vent

Our dog Merryweather is absolutely getting old.

She can’t run around like she used to in addition to her mind seems to be slipping a little bit as well.

But lately it has been getting worse. Merryweather has been whining in addition to chewing at one of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning vents. It’s the dining room vent. A piece of the vent is missing. Then Merryweather stopped eating too, so my partner in addition to I started talking to the kids in addition to said it might be time to let our dog go. They seem to accept that however then our son observed that Merryweather’s number one toy had fallen down into that Heating as well as Air Conditioning vent. She has had this little toy duck since she was a puppy in addition to then she lost it. It is no wonder that she was so upset. Both of us removed the broken vent cover in addition to retrieve the duck for her. Well you might have thought that Merryweather was a puppy again the way she jumped in addition to ran around the home with her toy in her mouth. It made me so cheerful to see. And that night, you know what, our dog ate her meal too. I believe every one of us all teared up a little bit because every one of us knew every one of us were not going to lose Merryweather. Not right now at least. The next afternoon my partner went to the local hardware and improvement store in addition to got modern grate to cover the vents that were broken. This should keep this from happening once more.


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