Just make it a closed loop system

My nextdoor to the right of me is always having wild get togethers.

It would not bother me so much except that they have grill outs with their parties.

It’s not like they are super noisy or anything. Even their people are careful in addition to they don’t park right next to my house. The main concern is that our cooling system intake is situated right next to our neighbor’s property. So, the smoke from their fires in addition to grills comes right into our air-conditioning in addition to ends up right in our house. I don’t mind the odor of delicious grilled hot dogs although I don’t want our home to smell like a bonfire every weekend either. I have tried special cooling filters however none of them seem to do the trick. So lately, I had started turning off our Heating as well as Air Conditioning idea when the parties are going on. That helps a lot however then it gets absolutely hot in the house. So, I decided to call out a Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to see what, if anything, they could do to help me. I thought I might have to have our air conditioning idea placed over to the other side of the house. I was surprised when the corporation simply suggested that we change our cooling system to a closed system. He explained that a closed system takes air from inside the home and that is it, where as an open idea takes air from outside the house. It’s as easy as flipping a switch!
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