Keeping the family healthy, ecstatic, and safe

One of the most exciting experiences is spending time with our family on our game afternoons, however we always get into all kinds of weird board games, card games, charades, and other games… It’s a time when everybody can just let loose and not suppose the stress of yearly life so much.

We have it so everybody comes to our family afternoons no matter what, no excuses, but so far, all the children have always made it for the most part, except for when they get sick. I suppose a large part of the reason why everybody loves game afternoons so much is because both of us get to relax in front of a roaring fire. We have a nice gas oil furnace that keeps us perfectly moderate while in the cold afternoons, however both of us always make it a point to get a fire going in the fireplace for game afternoons. It just somehow makes everything more exciting, and even in the moderate season, our child always brings out her electric fireplace. She puts it on the mode that only shows the sparks, however doesn’t heat the room! Those sparks look surprisingly realistic and I suppose that makes the family game afternoons more exciting when both of us are unable to use the real fireplace. It’s a fantastic thing that our family has developed such a close bond over the years and I pray that both of us can continue with such a strong bond moving into the future; All I really want is for our family to be healthy, ecstatic, and safe. And I suppose the best way to accomplish all this is to always stay close as a family.

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