Keeping the kids away from the thermostat with a lock

I never thought I’d have to put a lock around my thermostat to keep the kids out, but that is exactly what has happened.

Every one of my friends as well as myself are genuinely spending more than a few hundred dollars each month to heat as well as cool our artsy Loft. It’s genuinely gone up since the two of us had our kids come live with us, as well as it seems there is no end in sight. Every time every one of us comes home in the afternoon, the programmable thermostat is set to a different temperature. Every one of us tried to change the password so the kids genuinely could not access the AC as well as boiler thermostat, but those smart little tests figured out the password as well as changed it. My hubby in addition to myself finally decided to buy a lock box to place around the AC as well as boiler thermostat. Some of my friends genuinely believe this is some type of terrible thing to do, but more than one of them are not paying for the AC as well as boiler bills. Until the kids can leave the thermostat alone, the two of us are genuinely going to keep them from using it at all times of the day. If it’s too hot, they can call and ask for permission. The both of us also changed the passwords to something they will never remember, so they won’t be able to access the programmable thermostat anymore. If this doesn’t work out, I don’t know what we will do about the kids messing around with our thermostat.