Keeping up with my furnace

I live far up North. Naturally this means really cold winters and only moderate summers. I can tolerate the cold, but that doesn’t mean I like the cold. Summer weather in the south of course brings with it extremes in heat, humidity, and maybe more rain than in northern climates. You may also have to deal with hurricanes as well, but those rarely significantly affect a specific area. The winter however has a lot more problems it brings with it, at least depending on how far north one lives. I get the heat can be miserable, but in most places in the country it is always survivable. As a result, someone living in the south should fare much better, without an air conditioner, than someone living in the north without a furnace. I know for myself, my furnace is the most critical aspect of my home, in terms of comfort and safety anyway. As a result, I always ensure my furnace is ready for the demands of an extreme winter. The first thing I do is get a licensed HVAC service technician to look over my central heating and air conditioning equipment. After inspecting my equipment and doing whatever necessary tune-up that is needed, I know my HVAC system should be reliable for the duration of the season. However, I know that my furnace needs power, so I look over my home’s portable generator to make sure it is ready for an emergency power outage. Living up North, it’s imperative my home’s furnace can always operate. However, I know that if I lived in the south, I probably would not care nearly as much about my home’s air conditioning.