Keeping warm in the recording studio

Ever since I decided to turn my hobby into a full blown music career, I’ve endeavored to make my own recording studio. Building the structure in the backyard was easy enough, I had a buddy of mine who builds tiny houses for a living help me out with the roofing and insulation. It was keeping it comfortable that was the issue. See, I live real far up north, so we deal with both brutal winters but also sweltering summers. I didn’t need just a space heater or just an air conditioner–I needed something that could do both. Plus, I didn’t really want a basic AC unit, because that needed a window. Windows were not good for sound quality, and the whole point of this build was to make a recording studio. The idea is I can use it, and other bands can rent it out to use too, so eventually it will pay for itself. Well, my buddy saved me again by finding the perfect solution to my heating and cooling woes: a ductless mini split HVAC system. The ductless mini split we picked is a heat pump that works to both move hot air inside in the winter, and then shift the hot air outside in the summer. The new heat pump models can still work as low as 17 degrees, so this HVAC unit will still keep me warm even in the dead of winter. Since the ductless mini split installs in a wall, it doesn’t need a window and won’t throw off the sound quality of the space.

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