Kept forgetting to call the HVAC company

For a long while, my girlfriend kept saying to call up the Heating and A/C contractor for some essential preventative care. However eventually she just decided to call the contractor herself, as it seemed that I would never get around to it… Honestly, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to get it done, but I tend to forget to get things done. In the future, I think I will have to take the initiative plus just get it done so she is not agitated with me. I will have to write it down on our calendar or set an alarm on my iPhone so that I am reminded to have this taken care of! She seemed mad with myself and my friends for awhile… In the end, I was thankful that the two of us had our heating and A/C plan tuned-up. Plus, they even cleaned the air duct. Then the heating and A/C specialist was saying the two of us should have our HVAC duct leaned at least every other year. Plus that the two of us should remember to change the air filter every other week. I told him the two of us would absolutely make sure to do those thing. However, my girlfriend just shot me look as though I wouldn’t do anything. It certainly made my feel embarrassed plus I felt actually awful about not getting it taken care of. It’s just my forgetful nature I know. I was genuinely a little late to even our son being born–that is something that she has gotten on me over for years; But she knows how I am, so can she genuinely get so angry about the way I am? She knew how I was when the two of us first started dating plus she moved in with me right?

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