Key points in the ductwork

I grew up way up north, where I could look out to my backyard and practically see the country’s border. While the natural landscapes, awesome wildlife and kind people have me longing to go back home for a week or so, stepping into territory that is almost always freezing is enough to have me run out of town! I didn’t think I would get accustomed to southern living so quickly, but being in a tropical state where it’s always warm and sunny? That really changes you fast! My family back up north loves to poke fun at me when I visit, as they claim I’ve gone too soft down south. It was time to give them a dose of their own medicine! Under the guise of hosting a family reunion, I had my family come down south to stay at my house. I was smart to invest in a high-tech heating and air conditioning system, which is equipped with smart thermostats, zone control functionality – and that’s just the temperature controls! I also have duct booster fans installed at key points in my HVAC ductwork, which ensures that cool air generated by my central forced-air system is being circulated at high speeds. For me, it’s not enough to feel cool – I want to feel like I’m standing in front of the freezer with the door open! Anyway, I digress. I told my family to dress light, since the temperatures are much higher here. Their idea of dressing light is a jacket, tee and jeans, so they were in for a surprise! I pulled up to the airport’s pick-up area, and saw my family – covered in sweat, fanning themselves and searching desperately for me! The real fun came when I picked them up and drove back home, pretending that my home’s only window-mounted A/C unit was broken. Oh, the look on their faces was worth it!

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