Knowing when to quit

I was only 22, when I bought my first house. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about home repairs, but I didn’t have a lot of money either. Most of the time, I had to try the method of trial and error. When something broke, I figured out how to make it work again or went without it. I didn’t have a toaster for the first two years in my house. Eventually, I learned basic repair knowledge like snaking a drain and changing the faucet on the bathroom sink. About three months ago, my girlfriend moved in to my house. It’s been an adjustment, but I have been really happy with her here. She doesn’t have the same patience as me, and she doesn’t like to go without certain necessities. When the hot water heater broke, she gave me all weekend to figure out the problem. When the air conditioner broke, she wanted to me to call the professional immediately. I told my girlfriend that I could fix the air conditioner, but she insisted that I contact a professional HVAC company. We discussed the issue for an hour, while I tried to troubleshoot the air conditioner malfunction. My girlfriend wouldn’t budge, and I contacted the HVAC provider. After they inspected the air conditioner, they told me it was no longer worthy of repair. That is exactly why I didn’t want to contact the HVAC company. Now my girlfriend insists that we spend thousand of dollars on a new air conditioner. I don’t think I’m going to have much choice, but to replace the old defective air conditioner or the girlfriend.

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