Landlord lied about the AC tune up

When my girlfriend Meg and I first moved into our apartment, the landlord told us not to call him about the HVAC. He told us that the heating and cooling equipment had just gotten a tune up. He did not want to hear us complain about it. After a month in the apartment, my girlfriend and I wanted to complain. The cooling function was the worst. The air conditioner would be on and the thermostat would be set at 69 degrees. The air conditioner could not keep up though. Our apartment was really around 74 degrees. The AC kept going and going with no breaks. The house was a sticky mess. Meg freaked out about calling the landlord though. He told us not to and she was worried about rent going up. So I did some investigating in our HVAC equipment. I found clear evidence that a HVAC professional had not in fact done a HVAC tune up. The evidence was how dirty the inside was of our HVAC. There was dust, hair and debris all inside of it. When I took out the air filter, it looked like a mouse had died in it. The first thing a HVAC contractor would do was replace the cooling filter. The HVAC filter clearly had never been touched. After getting a new one and cleaning the HVAC, it worked like a dream. The cooling system was finally able to achieve the temperature on the thermostat. My girlfriend is happy, but I am not. What a shady landlord. He totally lied to us when we moved in.

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