Last night I got stuck in a snowbank.

Last night was almost unbearable. All night long, chilly in the snowbank, all I could guess of was my furnace warmed home. I knew I shouldn’t be out in the snowstorm but my sister had just gotten kicked out of her cabin plus was waiting for me at a restaurant an hour away. I noticed that I needed gas, despite the fact that I missed my exit. I somehow ended up on some abandoned service road. I don’t guess how, it was tough to see, plus then the two of us hit a snowbank, plus got stuck. I had the sneaking suspicion that I was going to be stuck there for a while. I was grateful to have such a superb furnace in my car, despite the fact that I wish I had more gas. I tried calling for help but rescue was hours away, plus it was so cold. I turned the furnace of my vehicle on high. As soon as the vehicle warmed up, I had to turn the vehicle off. I didn’t want to run out of gas, but, that left me with no heat; Which is why I spent a lot of time thinking about my awesome Heating plus Air Conditioning plan plus my well heated home. I knew my cabin was nice plus toasty. It didn’t take long for the vehicle to get frigid after I turned the heat off, despite the fact that I bore the frigid as long as I could before starting the vehicle plus turning the heat back on. I was so upset about running out of gas plus chilly to death. I am still alive plus it took until late day for me to get rescued. By then, my sister was back with her wife.



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