Laughed our way to the storage unit

I have a acquaintance who can be a bit obsessive. He’s honestly a perfectionist and he can be a bit OCD when it comes to taking care of his most treasured belongings. Recently, he told me that he was investing in a brand new indoor air conditions control machine to perfectly monitor and manage his indoor air no matter where he was. When I asked why he was so concerned with his indoor air conditions that he would spend nearly 5 grand on a new central heating and cooling system, he told me that he had quite a few belongings that he needed the store under carefully controlled conditions. I could respect that he had collectibles that he wanted to protect, but it seemed enjoy there should be a cheaper way to manage the indoor air conditions around his treasures. I wondered if his centralized air cleaner, advanced air temperature monitoring system, and smart control component was absolutely necessary when he could simply pay for somebody else to worry about the indoor air conditions controls! Namely, if there was a storage component that gave the same level of indoor air conditions care as this bulky commercial HVAC plan he invested in. I found the answer a few afternoons later when our partner happened to mention a brand new storage facility opening up down the road. Both of us went over to drop off some of our antiques and suddenly found that they had the exact same HVAC plan our OCD acquaintance had just installed. Welp, for $50 a month, both of us have the same high quality indoor air. And both of us don’t have to worry about professional HVAC upkeep for the intensive air handling devices. Both of us could not help but chuckle as both of us drove our belongings over to the new storage facility.



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