Laundromat ac

When the washing machine broke a few days back, I did my best to troubleshoot the problems, but I guess it’s time to buy a new washer… My outdated washer is about 25 years old, and it’s been repaired on 4 separate occasions. My wife and I do not have the dough to get a new washer right now, so all of us are stuck taking our laundry to the laundromat! We live in a legitimately small City, so there is only 1 coin-operated laundromat around. The place is outdated and dreary, and the machines appear to be from the 70s. The laundromat is not equipped with Central A/C, but there are many immense industrial fans at either side of the building. The industrial fans do not give much cool air, but at least they circulate a lot of the stagnant air. There is a small bar and grill next to the laundromat, and they have Central A/C. My wife and I have been putting our laundry in the washing machine, and then going to sit in the bar in the central A/C and eat. I do not mind sipping on a beer, while our shirts and underwear are washing. The laundromat is the only one located in our town, but I understand why they do not have Central A/C. The dryers run on all gas, and that puts an immense amount of heat and energy into the air. The central A/C would be working against the heat from the gas dryers. Every single one of us entirely wouldn’t feel any cold air from the A/C system, and it would likely cost the owner a fortune.

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