Lawn crew causes damage to heat pump

My boyfriend and I rent a small house in a nice, residential neighborhood. Included in the cost of our rent is a lawn service. Both my boyfriend and I have asked the landlord to consider allowing us to do the yard work in exchange for a break on the rent. He always refuses. I’m not sure why he’d rather pay a professional lawn service when they do a terrible job. They take care of the lawn mowing, raking, weeding and trimming the hedges every other week. The entire process takes them all of eighteen minutes. Each guy on the crew has his own specific job and his goal is to complete it as quickly as possible. The guy who rides the lawn mower is the worst. He flies around on that mower so fast that he often causes damage. He sprays the grass clippings into the gardens and all over our cars. He runs over rocks, tree roots and even my flowers. About three weeks ago, he ran into the outside component of the heat pump. He hit the heat pump hard enough to cause a sizeable dent. Although the heat pump still seems to be running just fine, I’m worried about troubles down the road. Now that the outer cabinet has a huge crater in the side, it’s probably going to rust. I’ve complained to the landlord and nothing has been done. I have taken pictures of the damage to the heat pump and videos of the lawn crew. I want to make sure the landlord doesn’t try to charge my boyfriend and I for the repairs.


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