Laying down the law

When my husband lost his job at the factory, we needed to tighten our belts. It was going to take some time to find a new position. That meant doing without certain “extra” things. For my husband, it meant buying off brand snacks and no more weekly poker games. For the kids, it meant no more movies and after school expenses. For me, it meant watching the bills and monitoring our spending. It took three months for my hubby to find a new job, and we were flat broke at that time. We were two months behind on the mortgage, and the car dealership was threatening to take the car every week. It was almost June and the kids were turning the air conditioner to 70 degrees. There is no way that we could afford a high electric bill, so I went downtown and bought a lockbox for the thermostat. The only people with a key to the lockbox, was my hubby and myself. The kids yelled and complained about the temperature. They didn’t like the thermostat to 74 degrees. We were all miserable, but we needed to save money. I didn’t like the warmer temperatures anymore than they did, but we had to stay afloat until Dad found a job. Luckily, my hubby found a great job in town. He is making even more money, and he doesn’t have to work third shift. He is really happy to have dinner with our family every night. The kids are looking forward to a more comfortable indoor air temperature, and I’m just happy things are getting back to normal.

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