Lazy a/c system

You know, I’ve consistently believed that it takes a close call to scare someone straight. When you feel like you’re merely one quiz from being failed out of a course, the reality hits you that you’re about to lose your college scholarship, and suddenly, just like that, you’re the world’s greatest student! The same goes with many other situations in life, as I’ve seen and experienced myself. One of the most harrowing experiences of my life came when I was about twenty  years old. I was living in an cabin with two friends at the time, and we were the definition of lazy back then! Dishes sat in the sink for days clothes went unwashed for weeks, and at one point I was pretty sure we had a drifter crashing on our couch for a week. We had no respect for our living situation, and no matter how many times we suffered from our laziness, we wouldn’t change our ways! Well, things changed over the following summer. It was incredibly hot, and thunderstorms were an everyday occurrence. With all the heat and humidity came a much higher potential for our HVAC unit to have problems as we were using it day and night.  That A/C unit was set to sixty-six degrees, all day every day! After about a month of trying to keep up with our demands, the HVAC unit seemed to shut down on its own one day. We didn’t know until we came home from work or school, and the cabin was already up to the mid-eighties! We immediately called our apartment management to tell them what was happening, and they cut us off over the phone. “Yeah, we figured that your unit isn’t on – we had to turn it off because your outdoor unit caught fire earlier!” We couldn’t believe what we heard! The management told us that we wouldn’t have A/C for at least three days, and the weight of our error came crashing down on us all at once! Never again did we take the A/C unit for granted.