Leaking from the ductwork

When I seen water leaking through my ceiling I called out a roofer… they came out the next day, used a ladder to get onto my roof and crawled into my attic and then told me that my roof was fine, the water was coming from condensation on my Heating and Air Conditioning ducts. They had recommended that I call out an Heating and Air Conditioning company asap because this water can cause mold as well as other damage just the same as if my roof was badly leaking, but i thanked them for being fair then I called out an Heating and Air Conditioning worker and half expected them to tell me it was something else but they didn’t. They said my air duct needed insulation as well as that would keep this from happening again. They then also explained that insulating my air duct may even save me a little bit of cash because the cool air won’t be wasted in upper space anymore. I sure hope this is the case. I like to keep my home cool and cold. The hotter it is outside, the lower I set the temperature control thermostat to inside. The serviceman got to work sealing my air duct as well as then insulating all of it, but when they were done, not only did I notice that the leak in the ceiling was gone however my air felt colder than it had before. I had no clue at all that air duct needed to be insulated, then for that matter, I had no clue that mine wasn’t. I don’t go into the attic. I’m just blissful and happy the complication is fixed even if I did call out the wrong company at first.