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I moved to a state a little farther north than what I am used to, and I really paid for it – literally! Where I am is still considered the South, so I wasn’t even preparing myself for a harsh winter. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening. The fall weather already had my teeth chattering, as the fall here was the equivalent of the winter weather where I came from. Luckily, that meant I didn’t have to run my HVAC unit at all. I just threw on a sweatshirt when I got home. If I needed to cool down, all I had to do was open a window or my patio door. Then the winter came. At first, I was excited to see what an actual winter would be like. When the first snow came, I was in awe. Seeing those white flakes float down to the grass was exciting and beautiful to watch. I could have lived without the low temperatures though. As thrilled as I was to be living in snow, I was displeased at the weather that it came with. It was so cold! All the blankets in the world couldn’t help me. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and had to turn my heater on, just dreading the bill that it would leave me with at the end of the month. Sure enough, my electric bill was insanely high. It almost had me crying. As it turns out, the winter counts as a peak time here, so the energy use has a higher fee than it does during the milder seasons. I was so angry. Thank goodness that’s over, and I’m no longer reliant on my heater.