Learned something important about HVAC

Much of my life is focused on what I do for a living.

While it’s my passion and I enjoy the work, it takes up an inordinate amount of my time.

So the rest of my time, I want to focus almost exclusively on my family. This means there isn’t a great deal of time for much else. Fortunately, all the work that I do in our zone controlled HVAC maintained office pays well. We live a very comfortable life. And I can afford to pay people to do the stuff around the house that I just don’t really have time for. We are pleased to have a great handyman who is always eager to get in and take on a project or fix something around the house. The guy is so well versed in so many mechanical and carpentry skills. So when I noticed the HVAC wasn’t cooling the way it normally does, I called the handyman. And it was the first time that he gave me an unequivocal no to a request for his services. This took me back a bit. But the handyman went on to explain that HVAC equipment should only be maintained or repaired by an HVAC professional. He went on to explain how a certified and licensed HVAC technician has to go through so much training to perform his job. And the HVAC training never stops. He told me that while he understand the heating and cooling process of a heat pump, he hasn’t the proper experience or training to work on it. That was the day that I signed us up for the HVAC service plan that our HVAC company offers.

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