Learning early about the fruits of labor

It was a huge challenge for my brothers and I to get the new HVAC ductwork installed. You know how there’s always one person who helps out with jobs like this, but complains the whole time about how hard and dirty the work is? Well, I have to admit – I was that person! See, my dad asked my brothers and I to help him bring all the new HVAC ductwork to the attic when he was replacing the ducts. Since we were all much younger at the time, we weren’t very strong. Our father had to bring much of the ductwork up a ladder into the attic, but he still expected us to carry the ductwork through the house to get to him! I moaned and groaned about how the fiberglass interior of the ductwork was making me itchy, and that the duct’s metal lining kept making it slip out of my grip. Looking back, I’m surprised my dad asked us to help him with the installation in the first place! I’m glad he did though, as it taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of solid ductwork that is free of holes, dirt or other obstacles for air to pass through. Since our old HVAC ductwork was caked in dirt and riddles with punctures from pests, the indoor air quality of our home had worsened over the years. Once my dad installed the new ductwork, we all noticed the house was cooling down and heating up much faster, and the air itself seemed to be more fresh. Sometimes, you have to suffer a little to have nice things.

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