Learning lessons from Grandpa

No matter where I have ended up in life or how multiple problems I have faced as an adult, one thing that has typically kept myself and others on the right track are the life lessons that I have l acquired from our Grandpa.

Back when I was a little child growing up in the south our Grandpa would typically take myself and others to work with him.

Back in those afternoons she worked as a certified Heating & A/C repair tech in town, & she was one of the best repairmen this world has ever seen, however that’s our opinion, at least. It seemed as if every condo that the two of us would drive to was harshly excited to see our Grandpa, & she seemed just as glad to be there, then one of the things that I l acquired from our Grandpa as a child that didn’t even have to tell myself and others was it’s important to find a job that you are affectionate about, however while she was working as a certified Heating & A/C repair tech all of those years she was just as glad as she would have been on trip… She enjoyed helping people, & she took pride in her work. Thanks to her lessons I have been able to find a job that i am harshly affectionate about, despite having to pass up on quite a immense number of other job offers that I had little to no passion in, then most people our age would take the highest paying job without question, however thanks to our Grandpa I suppose that passion & being glad is more important than the financial side of things.


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