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At the hospital, where I am employed, there was a recent data breach.  Unfortunately, hundreds of patients’ confidential files and health information was compromised. It’s been a difficult situation as far as public relations and legal ramifications are concerned.  We at the hospital are all still dealing with the negative impact of the whole thing. I never would have imagined that the hospital where I’ve worked for the last thirteen years would ever face an issue with their filing, documentation and storage systems.  This type of thing just proves that nowhere is entirely secure when it comes to electronically stored personal information and identity theft. Now we are dealing with the after effects and we’re pursuing numerous protocols to protect the hospital from future assaults.  We are currently launching HIPAA assessments for all of our staff and patients. We are performing HIPAA risk assessments for all record keeping procedures at the hospital, and completing HIPAA Risk Analysis programs for the IT department. We are further providing HIPAA Risk Consultations for all members of the administrative department and legal team. We are working toward a secure and effective HIPAA Risk Management idea that we can depend on if something similar to this breach in data security should ever happen again. Hopefully, we will never need these measures.  We’re going to be involved in this for weeks, simply to get through all of these HIPAA assessments and HIPAA Risk Consultations. I’m crossing my fingers that this new and improved HIPAA Risk Management idea will avoid any further leak of records and information in the future.

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