Learning more about HVAC

My child Alex graduated from high school last month, and at first, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his future. He got a job at a sushi bar, so he was at least contributing to the rent expenses even though he knew that it wasn’t the kind of work that he wanted to do forever. After a while he ended up going to a couple of local job fairs, as well as that’s when he came across a large booth dedicated to Heating plus Air Conditioning repair. It was run by some local heating as well as a/c businesses, as well as he ended up talking to 1 of the Heating and Air Conditioning servicemens for a very long time. He wanted to look into the field of heating as well as a/c, as well as once he had done some research on the topic, he enrolled at our local community college. They just so happen to have a actually wonderful heating as well as a/c program there! Alex took all of the classes that were available that related to heating, a/c, as well as ventilation. Then he went to a class a few places away that taught him all about air purification as well as air cleaners. He actually got involved as well as interested in today’s Heating and Air Conditioning technology. After just one very short year after graduating from high school, he is certified in Heating and Air Conditioning technology as well as he’s been offered a job with numerous local Heating and Air Conditioning dealers. I’m so very proud of him for finding a field that he enjoys as well as going after it! I recognize that he will make a wonderful heating and a/c repair man as well as I can’t wait to see what the future holds for his life.

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