Learning more and more

Recently, I have learned just how fragile and precious life truly is. I was in a very serious car accident two months ago. I was driving late at night, and all I remember is coming around a bend in the road and seeing headlights coming straight toward me. I woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by my family and friends. I had broken two ribs, an arm, and both of my legs. This terrible experience made me think about how fragile life really is. I decided from that time forward I would live my life for eternity and what really mattered. I began to host Bible studies at my home every other day. I would teach of God’s love and grace. I loved having people over to my house so often. I made sure that I always had fresh baked goods for each person and lots of goodies for them to take home with them. The challenge for me came when spring ended and the warm summer months began. I needed to turn on my AC. It was super difficult for me to reach my thermostat because I am in a wheelchair until my legs heal. I tried time and time again to reach it, but I simply couldn’t without standing up. I usually ended up waiting until my guest arrived and would ask them lower the thermostat. Although by the time they got to the house, it was already really warm. I wanted a way to be able to adjust my thermostat without getting out of my wheelchair. One afternoon, my friend showed me how she could control her thermostat from her smartphone. I knew that was exactly what I needed. I called a company yesterday, and hopefully I’ll be able to control my thermostat from my smartphone by the next Bible study that I host.