Leaving the house

I don’t know what it is about the summer season in my town, but the effect it has on my friends and family is ridiculous! Some people think the full moon brings out the “crazy” in people, even though I feel that the relentless heat does it for months at a time. My own sister is convinced that her air conditioner machine is broken simply because her home won’t stay below seventy-five degrees while we are in the peak heat of the afternoon. Meanwhile, my mom and dad have their home super-chilled to a cool sixty-five degrees as soon as the temperatures outside climb above eighty degrees. It’s one extreme or another with these people! I don’t fall for the lunacy that overtakes most everyone else in my family. However there is one complication I’ve had with my air conditioning system machine that’s driving me crazy. See, whenever the weather is consistently hot for more than one week, my outdoor air compressor begins to freeze over. I can tell because of a few things: evaporated ice will flow out of the top of the air conditioning system unit, plus my home’s indoor temperature will hastily climb over time. After this happened for the third time in one summer, I felt it was due time to reach out to an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional for assistance. After calling and explaining my problem, a heating and air conditioner repair serviceman was dispatched to my beach house the next afternoon. Before start his inspection for possible causes, the serviceman asked where I keep my spare air filters. Confused, I told him that I didn’t have any spare air filters, and the look he gave me was priceless! He proceeded to explain that a dirty air filter is almost exclusively the cause of a frozen air conditioner unit because the machine needs usual air flow to function as it should.

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