Leaving things alone

Since all of us are in the middle of a sweaty summer season, all of us are all using our a/cs.  The family and I may even be maxing out our air conditioning units. My mother rang me this morning, so I went to our parents apartment to find that their a/c was not cooling.  My elderly father retrieved several fans from his attic to help them with a lack of air conditioning. The control device at the apartment was reading dangerously high, so I thanked our mother for ringing me.  My dad had no clue as to why his a/c was not truly working well, so I managed to find out. Although high, the control device looked fairly normal. I asked our parents when they noticed the lack of cool air conditioning.  They said that it appeared warmer the other day, but figured it was just another hot afternoon. So, I went right away to check the air filter plus found it to be very filthy. Since I am the only one of their kids here, I take responsibility for not replacing the air conditioning filter.  My dad figures he can handle everything still, plus I try to supply him with that respect. Obviously, I need to watch over them a bit more carefully. I then went over to the outside condenser plus found it frozen. That is when I called my wifey to come get our parents out of the steaming house. I right away called an Heating & A/C provider.  With our parents safely tucked in our air conditioned home, the Heating & A/C will be repaired tomorrow. Not long after, they can return to an air conditioned house.

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