Left the HVAC business to me

I had only met my uncle Jim a few times in my adult life, but Jim typically seemed like a nice guy! Jim was not technically an uncle, just an old childhood pal of my dad who stayed a neighbor and fine neighbor of the family for decades.

Jim never had any kids of his own, which lead to something quite unexpected when he passed away last year.

With no kids, in the will he left the house to my brother and the assets to my parents. Jim had saved the best for last, and left the small Heating and Air Conditioning repair business to me. This was quite a surprise, not only because I barely knew the man, but because I had never said that I had any interest in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. As I came to find out, running a business requires a certain set of knowledge, and skills on how to repair ac units was not needed for the A/C repair business. JIm had a trained 3 man crew of Heating and Air Conditioning techs, that between them had over 20 years of experience in the field. They could handle all the Heating and Air Conditioning repair tasks no issues, all I needed to do was run the rest of the business. I had some experience in an office world, so I was in over our head but unlike Heating and Air Conditioning repair I could fake my way through it. After a few weeks I finally found my groove and learned some things.

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