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When it’s me and my cousin Kenny, we make a pretty handy pair; having taken on some downright impressive house projects. Now, we’re not really contractors by trade, but we absolutely should be; we’d kill at it. He and I have gutted and reinstalled fixtures in the bathroom, we’ve laid brick by ourselves, we’ve done welding and we even managed to complete a hydronic heating system on our own. That one was absolutely the most impressive job that we ever did together. See, we were doing the heating installation for my sister; thankfully she already had the boiler system in her basement, we just had to set it up. What we had to do first thing was rip out the floors. Carpet, tile, and plastic flooring; we took out all of it. Then we installed the piping into the flooring and had to make sure it all connected to the actual boiler system. We put down all the piping in a pattern that would make sure that every part of the floor would get heated, so there weren’t and hot or cold spots dotted around it all after we were done. We connected all the piping to the boiler, and to each other, and then we put down hardwood floors with a brand-new carpet on top. After that was all done, the heated flooring system worked perfectly. The boiler system gets turned on and heats up the water that runs through the pipes; that warm water then flows it’s way through all of the piping under the floor. Wherever the pipes are, the floor above gets heated nicely. The warmth spreads up to the floorboards and the flooring is dead. My sister was extremely happy with the work that we did, and we were impressed with ourselves; it was amazing we managed to do it at all, especially that easily.

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