Let the breeze in

I recently took a marketing job with an HVAC company. I’m really enjoying it so far, as it offers flexible hours and they work with my needs. I have chronic migraines due to blue light, so it’s hard for me to find a job that I can do without exasperating my awful chronic condition. I was recently talking to my mom on the phone about it, and I totally forgot that her new job is also in an HVAC company. She’s work as an HR supervisor ever since I was a kid and she moves around a lot, so I feel like I almost never know where she’s working. Though her job is usually the same: keep her employees safe and happy, hire good people, fire those who can’t keep up. Before this she was working at a bank, and while she was swayed by the high rise building overlooking the river where she could eat lunch and watch dolphins, it wasn’t stable. She was laying off people at the bank in such waves that she wondered when she would be next. So she left for her new job. One day I realized my company had a secondary location in the same city as Mom’s was. For a moment, I thought maybe we worked for the same company and had no idea. I called my Mom and told her all about. Turns out, I work for the HVAC company that is in constant competition with hers. I thought this was hilarious, clearly there are enough HVAC customers in the south to go around.

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