Let’s get an air conditioner

My wife and I had been actively looking for a new house for several months.  We loved to drive around on the weekends and go to open house showing of homes for sale in the neighborhoods we were considering. A few months ago we were doing just that when we came across a house that we really liked.  The location was great and on paper it had all that we were looking for. As soon as we opened the front door and went inside the house, we could tell that something was wrong. The inside of the house was very warm. They had a few box fans place around the living room but they were only blowing the warm air around not making it cooler. The realtor came up to us and apologized over and over about the heat.  He said that the HVAC repair company had been called but had not arrived yet. Just as my wife and I started to tour the house, I notice a HVAC service van pull into the driveway. We really like this house. It had almost all of the things were wanted and maybe a little more. The garage space was great and the master bedroom was large and had a great master bathroom. Also the kitchen was perfect according to my wife.  We were still looking around the house when we suddenly started to feel cool air flowing from the air vents. I told my wife that maybe this was a sign that we should buy this house. The air conditioning came back on while we were in the house. We moved in a couple weeks ago and still love it!

HVAC installation