Let’s get some games going

The other day, we decided to get dinner from a local restaurant we liked. We preferred not to eat in because the place is often too crowded. We took the kids too, but when I got into the car to turn on the temperature control, I was surprised that the a/c wasn’t working all that well! I knew I would have to get some refrigerant so I could get the a/c working again. It was a rough drive and my kids were getting antsy and complaining even with the windows rolled down. The worst part was stopping, because then the air wasn’t blowing through the windows. When I was about to head into the restaurant, all the kids insisted that they come inside as well. I really wouldn’t have left them out there in that overheated van either way, even with all the windows rolled down. To our pleasure, the a/c in the restaurant was working fabulously! It felt so nice and cool inside, that even when we finally got our food, we held back for a little while longer, enjoying the cool breeze before we had to drive back home inside an overheated van. None of us were happy about that! The following day, I made sure to get that refrigerant for the a/c and recharged it. That did the trick, and there was ice cold air coming from the vents and it was great! My kids were reluctant to go for rides in the van again until I demonstrated that the a/c was working.

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