Let’s just hope for the best

After an entire 3 years of really working as an Heating & Air Conditioning contractor, I finally went and got a raise. When I started at the contractor, I was undoubtedly an apprentice for the shop. I didn’t get paid at all the first few months, then finally started getting paid… but I was paid the minimum wage for a while. Now, I can finally say I am making a little bit more than the minimum wage. I am an Heating & Air Conditioning repair contractor by trade now and I usually work on heat pumps, however I’m trying to learn a few other excellent Heating & Air Conditioning skills. I undoubtedly was thinking of moving my operations to a sizable contractor soon because I want to learn more skills. I also heard that once you have experience, the sizable companies pay a lot better. I really do love my boss here, and I love really working on heat pumps, although I am starting to get bored. I also need to start making more currency soon because rents are going up in my town and I can barely keep up with the bills. My boss constantly mentions how he has such incredibly high hopes for me and that he wants me to be employed at his contractor business for a long time. Now that I finally got a raise, I think awful for even wondering about really working at a different Heating & Air Conditioning contractor so very soon. However, I really want to be able to transfer up quite fast in my job and his contractor is really too small to expect to do that. I’ve l earned so much in the past year, however really want to try to experience really working for a sizable Heating & Air Conditioning contractor to see what happens. I’d love to learn more about cooling systems, especially with the summer season fast approaching. Some immense overtime pay would be nice too! Whatever happens, I know that at least I’m no longer making minimum wage!

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