Let’s look for a heat pump

My birthday had just passed, and I am now fifty-one years old, and I am just starting to enter the early phases of menopause. At different times daily, I get super overheated. It happens without warning, and I randomly start to sweat. It only lasts for a few minutes, but by then, all of my articles of clothing are drenched. It happens most often during the night time. I constantly switch from excessive sweating to shivering, all night time long. I switch between huddling in the blankets, and throwing all for the blankets off. I have looked into many types of medication to help my problems, but they all have bad side-effects. My mother suggested that we invest in a ductless heat pump installed on the wall in my bedroom. It has been a great investment, and it is definitely more beneficial than medication. The heat pump offers both heating and cooling capability, and it runs with a wireless remote. While lying asleep, I can differ between air conditioning and heating while using touch of a button. I can do anything to the temperature, and the heat pump is actually powerful enough to quickly change the settings that I put in. My ductless heating unit is super small and easy to use. The indoor unit comes in at just about seven inches deep. It can also just be hung on the wall. It connects to an outdoor air conditioning unit through a small hole in the wall. I payed my HVAC contractor to install the heat pump in just about one day, and there was no cleaning up or large renovation projects needed. Now, I can adjust the temperature inside my bedroom without changing the whole house. Thanks to the ductless heat pump, I am far more rested and have a lot of energy throughout the day.

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