Let’s take control of our lives

I have dreams at evening where all I see is warm air blowing out of our house.  The air appears sort of orange. And along with the air’s escaping, I hear a noise similar to the sound of jingling money slipping down a well.  This is an indication of just how bad the heating bills erupted to this past wintertime. The time of year has come to late Fall once again and I must do something to help our family budget energy costs.  I did some research and I made a call to the HVAC supplier. The HVAC tech I talked with had been genuinely helpful and gave my family a number of tips I that I had not pondered. Aside from being a temperature miser with the thermostat, sealing our house is an important target for future savings.  I had begun by replacing the weather stripping on our the doors of the house. The cost is not affordable right now to replace all our windows but the suggestion to use an insulating foam around them to seal unnoticeable cracks. We used the recommended silicone and caulk several days. The gaps and cracks in the exterior of the house were located and then filled.  The HVAC guy indicated that I should seal around all our light fixtures hanging from the ceilings of our house. I had sealed the flues and even our chimney. I sealed them from the roof side and the attic side. Finally, we installed a backdraft damper on the exhaust of the dryer. I wasn’t aware that these existed. The damper allows for the dryer’s exhaust to flow to the outside; it will not allow the chilled air from outside to flow in.  The suggested preparations took maybe a week of our time. I would guess that it will be worth it. Just from these small preventive measures, I expect to save a deal more than 15% on our utility bills. I hope now I can sleep through the evening.