Letting in more light

My goal for the dining room is to let in more natural light. My connected living room is quite dark as well. My spouse and I have tried adding in more lights, painting it lighter and getting lamps. The apartment is still easily dark. My goal is to have the dining room help the problem out. I am going to move the door to a spot that gets more sunshine. Then I am going to get a glass door with blinds inside the glass when I want more privacy. I want to extend the glass above the dining room sink all the way on 1 wall. It will make our dining room larger and grander. I have a window installer ready to do the job. She is able to do the expansion and add the windows separate from a hitch. The woman suggested that I look into window movie services. She told myself and others that adding a protective sunshine control window movie would be a great idea. She expressed problem about our electronics and living room rug. She said if too much sunshine comes in, it could damage them. Another issue is with our utility bills. The added sunshine could easily make it taxing on our AC system. The window installer told myself and others that adding a window movie isn’t all that much cash and I wouldn’t physically see a difference, just suppose 1. I am going to live with normal windows for right now and then see if I want to add the window movie in later. I don’t think the sunshine is going to be a problem.

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